Pomodoro Technique

Finally adopted the Pomodoro technique, and this is my recipe:

  1. I call it pomidorka (‘a little tomato’ in Russian).
  2. It’s the minimal unit of the focused work.
  3. No Slack, email, phone and any other distraction.
  4. Classic 25-minute session with lo-fi beat music on the headphones.
  5. Then a 10-minute break, but:
    • 5 minutes for the writing down all the information I’ve learned. Not dive into details, just to create a checkpoint and empty the brain.
    • 5 minutes for the rest, bring another glass of water, visit the restroom, eye exercises, etc.
  6. Repeat until start feeling stupid, then switch to operational tasks.
  7. Pomodoro Timer for Obsidian is good